About Sax Romney

"For over 35 years, Sax Romney has strived to deliver
exceptional floral design to Utah and around the world.
We've handled events as intimate as two
and as grand as 500 hundred or more."

— Ed Kubicek, Sax Romney Designer

Ed Kubicek

One of the best ways I can think of to tell prospective clients about Sax Romney, and myself, is to simply explain the process for a typical project.

I really feel it is important to have an initial consultation where the customer can meet me in person and describe to me what they see in their mind as they imagine walking down the aisle, or what their corporate event would look like.

Sometimes, people come really prepared with clippings, colors, drawings, and other elements to help get the process going. But, even more people come to me because they really can't articulate what they want and need help steering towards what they are hoping for.

I like to ask them what their dream event would look like because I know we can make it happen if we work together.

Getting Started

Only after that first meeting and when the client has decided they want to work with me does the real work begin.

For some projects a few sketches and sample arrangements is enough for them to be assured that their event will meet their expectations. But, other times, we need to do more initial leg work and produce mock-ups, sketches, samples and other elements to really help the client see what they are getting and to reassure them that we are both on the same page aesthetically.

No one wants to find out on the day of the event that it is completely different than what they were expecting.


I also understand that people need to be informed all during the process, so I go out of my way to make sure they get progress updates as often as I can.

Sometimes, the client wants to meet at the location where the event will take place before we plan anything. I think this is great because it allows me to make it easier for them to visualize my ideas if I can show them the actual areas where arrangements will be placed.

The Event

Finally, on the day of the event, I personally oversee all of the deliveries, and set-up and handle any last-minute difficulties that may pop up. I even have a set of tools that I bring in case I need to pitch in with a hammer, screwdriver, or shears. My goal is to make sure everything is perfect well before the event even gets started.

I love the fact that all projects are different and challenging in their own ways, and often those challenges manifest in the clients themselves.

On one particular wedding event, for around 500 people, I was working with a mother and her daughter. All during the project, both would steer their expectations in different directions.

I pride myself on my personal service, and I am always aware that I am taking this journey with them. I am not an outsider looking in, so I needed to rally them together, sit them down and discuss where things were going.

I was able to bring the mother and her daughter back together and put their ideas into harmony with one another. After four months of planning, the day of the event went splendidly and both mother and daughter were thrilled.


Another difficulty can come up when the client wants an item that suddenly becomes scarce, is no longer in season, or is simply not available any more. Many, many times I dive in and either customized a suitable alternative, or even manufactured it myself. One particular votive comes to mind that was simply impossible to find, so we made them in the shop.

I make a personal connection with all of my clients and it makes me very proud to be a part of their journeys.

Event Sizes

While we do offer single arrangements like bouquets and boutonnieres, as well as daily delivery, we specialize in small to large events. We take the same care and thought to create a single, romantic dinner for two as we do for an event of 500, complete with dinner place settings, tables pieces, cake decorations, outside areas and bars, and any pieces needed to make the event great.

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